How To Grow Your Business Online


Start with basic business requirements

Every business should have a unique Business Name to start with. Then the contact details and later set up Google Business listing with accurate information.

Understand your customers better

Before you advertise your service or product (to attract your customers), first, determine who your real buyers are. for eg., If you sell cosmetic products to Women, try to filter it down by knowing – who really buys your product.

Teenagers, less likely to buy: Independent women, more likely to buy; Don’t make guesses.

Analyze the buying pattern of your buyer. Think of questioning yourself; who visits your store to learn something new about your products or who is looking for discounts, or who is buying more often? and then look at your past sales. 

Directly advertising is not a good option

Directly jumping on what you sell or serve doesn’t always attract the customers. Plan a strategy and examine your local preferences using analytics.

Don’t let competitors make you nervous

Don’t struggle to compete with other players. Focus on what you are best in and thrive in beautifully. Keep a check on what made you start your business.

Reaching your customers

Staying up-to-date with the technology (to find your customers), is easy nowadays. Customers are on various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Quora, WhatsApp, Blog, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc.

Alert: Pushing your customers to buy your products or services every now and then, can make them block you permanently.

Tip: Be creative with what you promote (i.e Content)!

Let us know what you want to learn and we will be more than happy to guide you


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