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The Need

The Slowdown
February 2020


The current pandemic has, along with its several socio-economic consequences, also disrupted the education sector. Along with the economic impact on the sector, this disruption is likely to have a lasting impact on the future of countless students.

Since March 2020

The Situation

Whenever we manage to recover from this tragic experience, speedy recovery to normalcy will be crucial. As such students’ education cannot be put on hold. Thus there is an increasing need to quickly adapt to the current situation and,┬álearning from it, to be prepared for similar events in the future.

Unorganized Zoom Calls

Current Approach

Several institutions have made temporary arrangements to deal with this situation by holding classes via Zoom, or WhatsApp. In the longer run, however, a more organized and professional system needs to be put in place to better manage education

Our Approach

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