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The Need

The slowdown


Tackling the current pandemic at the forefront, healthcare workers are facing the highest risk of infection themselves. Discharging their social responsibility while taking care of their personal / family safety is another challenge. People with minor ailments are avoiding visiting medical facilities for fear of infection from asymptomatic patients.

Recent data released by the National Health Mission (NHM) indicates how basic health services have been disrupted due to the focus on COVID-19.


The Situation

Passing vital advice at the right time can significantly lower trauma in some cases. While local authorities’ focus on containment and prevention of the spread of the disease is justifiable, the difficulty in dealing with other ailments also needs to be addressed. Further learning from this experience it would be wise for individual professionals to invest in means to better deal with similar disruptions in the future.

With the affordability of internet service and the resulting increase in internet penetration, reaching out to patients remotely is simpler today.

Our Approach

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