About us

As worldwide internet penetration is increasing and more businesses are going online, with the widespread use of technology has given the end-user more options to choose from. I’m Jagruti your friendly neighborhood partner in crime dedicated to assisting your business growth in the best possible way.

Having accrued significant experience Moderating, Enriching, Publishing and Marketing Digital content for renowned Digital Service Platforms/ Online Media Companies, I soon realized that my latent passion is to guide business owners like YOU to make the most of it by the right means necessary. This commitment and conviction is what made us found Data Simplifier in 2017.

We began as an SEO and Content Strategy the service provider then later added advisory services to businesses and finally grew to include website-building and Analytics Consulting. The aim is to disseminate ways to utilize various web-based resources in a simple language that every business owner could understand.

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Along with the unyielding ethics which form the backbone of Data Simplifier, We are passionate about helping firms that also, work towards social causes. We are committed to promoting the best web-based business practices which are exemplary and enabling struggling businesses in a simplified way.

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